Busiest month in my life..

Memang aku bz but i still have a time to update my blog..hmm becozz this is my passion..hu hu really ha..i'm a trainer , teacher and organizer also..just imagine how busy i'm to handle 3 month course..no wonder i have no time to visit my family at kampung...how i miss the food that emak was cooked..inside in my heart it was too hard to divide a work and personal matter..i have a student to handle with care for sure...anak orang tuh..mana boleh nak tinggal-tinggal sukahati..everything they need is my responsibility...is that so hard...hmmm bolehlah..hu hu so this is what i'm doing..story by my student on her Blog...Mag Blog

2 ulasan:

  1. takpe....boleh jadi superwoman... ha hahahh...

  2. Salam kerull,
    Bz sungguh tu..but you still can manage rite?
    No matter how bz you r, pls make sure to take of yourself too :)...

    p/s...ikan pekasam tu so drooling lah


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